‘Ghosting’ Employers At Work

‘Ghosting’ Employers At Work

Picture this: you’re an employer seeking a new hire, and after several interviews you find one candidate that stands out perfectly for the job. You shake hands with a congratulatory smile, looking forward to work with this new member of the team. One week passes and you still haven’t heard back from the recruit. In fact, he never comes to sign the contract and you never see from him again. 

Now, replay the same scenario, except with you as the employee being interviewed for a job.

You just got a glimpse of what it means to be ‘ghosted’ and how it can work both ways. Yes, it’s a term that’s become popular because of awkward Tinder dates, but it’s also being applied to the work setting as employers on LinkedIn have noticed a trend. 

Read more from Megaphone about ghosting as a ‘generational trend’ and ‘mutual respect’ in the workplace

Photo: www_slon_pics / Pixabay

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